As Seen On: Dani Marie @Stylish.Jawn - LETTSGO

As Seen On: Dani Marie @Stylish.Jawn

Dani Marie (@Stylish.Jawn
Dani is a badass through and through, with the coolest style and vibe, so we were so excited to see how she styled our new LETTSGO collection.
We asked Dani a few questions about her favorites and how she lets that sh*t go!
LETTSGO: What was it about LETTSGO as a brand that stood out to you?
@Stylish.Jawn: "It was the entire vibe for me. From the color palette and street-chic style clothing to the unapologetic and (what could be seen as) controversial mottos/sayings printed on the clothes, I just loved it! I try to live every day as authentic as possible regardless of how pretty, ugly, politically, or socially incorrect it is and LETTSGO promotes that lifestyle in a perfect, fashion-forward way."
LETTSGO: What are some of your favorite ways to Let That Sh*t Go?
@Stylish.Jawn: "Being Italian and a Sagittarius, I was doomed from the start when it comes to letting ANYTHING go 🥴. It’s taken years of consistent and conscious internal work to learn that letting things go from the mind, heart, and soul are all very different things that require different acts. What’s been the most valuable to me thus far though is the awareness of my responsibility to heal whatever wounds me. Letting go is only hard because we give the power to the situation or person that hurt us instead of keeping it and using it to work through why we feel the way we do.
These days I am working to let go of things that don’t serve my highest self by focusing my time, energy, effort on what I’m feeling internally as opposed to what occurred or was done externally. Allowing myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling, without judgement, hate, or negative self-talk, and then working to make peace with MY feelings instead of the ACTIONS (or inactions) of something/someone else gives me the power & puts me in control of my own healing. By understanding and accepting why you feel the way you do overpowers any and every action later formed to trigger or reopen any wounds that have long since closed over."
LETTSGO: What is your favorite item from the new collection?
@Stylish.Jawn: "The unisex Pop Bottles sweatsuit. It’s SO soft and comfortable and is great to wear for lounging around the house, running errands, and styling into a comfy, street-chic way LETTSGO clothing always comes in clutch is for!"