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LETTSGO’s NEW Cute and Cozy Winter Apparel Arrivals

LETTSGO recently revealed its newest apparel collection, perfect for the fall and winter months. 

This collection is infused with cooler fall tones, including charcoal gray, sandy tan, neutral beige, stone gray, slate blue, muted blush, and of course, (Billie Eilish) black. These neutrals can be worn together in sweat sets or on their own. Either way, you'll be ready to cozy up for Friendsgiving, the spooky season, the pumpkin patch, holiday movies, or Sunday football in this new collection from LETTSGO. 

This season, sweats are in. They are not only acceptable for lounging but also for running errands, going out to lunch, or even for a day at the office — the actual office, not the WFH office (we all wear sweats there). Pair them with stilettos and blazers, and you have a whole work vibe. LETTSGO is meeting the moment with this new sweats collection. You can choose from a full-length sweat set, a short sweat set, and a comfy long-sleeve crew neck sweatshirt!

While perusing the new collection, you might notice the product descriptions are a little less sassy and a little more inspirational. When asked about the change, Cora Welsh, LETTSGO's Brand Manager, said, "While we love the upbeat and lighthearted tone of our first product descriptions, we decided to use inspirational quotes instead to help others get through the colder, darker, and more difficult, winter months." 

LETTSGO is incredibly intentional with its brand messaging, as evidenced by this mindful shift. But don't worry! You can still grab one of their "Say Less" sweatshirts or "Wish You Weren't Here" tees. The snarky attire moment is still here.