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Dirty Santa Gift Ideas

It's the holiday season, so you're probably getting quite a few "let's circle back after the holidays" messages, "out of office" emails, and holiday party invites! And, of course, holiday parties often mean gift exchanges. 

Finding the perfect gift for an anonymous coworker, friend, or cousin can be difficult. But this year, LETTSGO is making it simple! Snag all of your holiday gifts in one fell swoop. So whether it's an office white elephant, a family Yankee swap, or a girls' night dirty santa, you'll have the most popular gift at the party. Regardless of the price point, your present will be the one everyone's stealing on repeat. Check out a few of our dirty santa gift ideas below! 


dirty santa gift ideas

Do you have a limited budget but still want to snag a fun gift? Stay away from the Christmas candy or corny mug. We've got your back with these fun LETTSGO items. 

  • Motel keychain: Tie one of these cute keychains to a bottle of booze for the perfect holiday gift. This Let That Sh*t Go Smile Keychain is selling for $8. What a steal!
  • Keep it cool with a koozie: This Let's Get Rowdy Koozie from LETTSGO will be an excellent talking piece at someone's next bbq. Put a drink inside and tie a bow around it for a complete gift!


dirty santa gift ideas

Twenty bucks may not feel like a lot, but we can make it WERK queen. Here are a few of our favorites for $20 or less.

  • This Let That Sh*t Go Daisy Mug is cute, a little bit sassy, but also safe for your coworker. Pair it with your favorite bag of local coffee and a coffee gift card to level up.
  • Everyone loves a good tote to put sh*t in. Why not gift one? LETTSGO has two totes to choose from, and both are excellent dirty santa gift ideas. Snag the Whatever Tote or the Be A Nice Person Tote! You can fill them with festive snacks to make them look fuller under the tree. 


So you've got fifty dollars to spend on dirty santa gift ideas? Perfect! It can be tricky to pick out an intentional gift for an unknown recipient while still giving them that "this was made for me" feeling. These fifty-dollar favorites from LETTSGO's apparel section will be perfect, regardless of the gift-getter. 

  • Our F*ck Off Tee is always a fan favorite. Regardless of who gets it, it will most likely feel relatable.
  • Pair this Be A Nice Person Tee with a mini bottle of champagne or a small box of chocolates for a cute gift!


One hundred dollars or under dirty santa gift exchange? Why not get cozy with it? Check out a few of our new arrivals here.

With the holiday season here, you'll want to snag LETTSGO items as soon as possible! Many of our suggested gifts are also currently on sale, which is an additional win. So whether your budget is $10 or $100, you've got options, sis!