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Babe, You Gotta Let That Shit Go

8 Tips to Let Shit Go and Move On

Listen, we all have our shit days. Sometimes, we’re just crabby, and we don’t know why. Other times, we’ve got legitimate reasons to feel anxious, stressed, or upset. Girl, let that shit go (...easier said than done, we know). Here are a few tips to help you let go and move on. 

1. Be selfish and invest in YOU.

Sometimes, a little relaxing self-care, like a much-needed pedicure or hot ‘n’ steamy yoga class, is just the ticket to get you out of your funk. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with daily to-do’s, notifications, and reminders. When we close one screen, we’re often tempted to pick up another. Consider setting “mindful moment” alarms on your phone as a reminder to breathe in good vibes while releasing the chaos.

2. Take a hike. No, but really, go outside.

There’s something about nature that’s incredibly healing. You don’t need to quit your job and hike the Pacific Crest Trail to feel it. Take a walk or go sit by a body of water. Breathe in the mountain air or watch a sunset. Go ahead and take a sip of mother nature to help you let that shit go.

3. Like Beyonce says, get cozy with yourself!

Sometimes, throwing on your favorite outfit and cuddling up for a Netflix binge (yes, we’re still watching) is the move. When the world is too much, take a moment to be still and relax. You absolutely deserve it!

4. Have a good belly laugh.

Drop the phone, turn off the news, and find that friend or family member who can always turn your day around with a good belly laugh. Keep it light, sis. Laughter is medicine.

5. When in doubt, smash some shit.

Sometimes, you just need to smash some shit. Have you heard of a rage room? It’s a place where you can do just that. You choose your weapon of destruction and your song of choice and get to it. You can even bring your own items to smash at many rage rooms, which is a bonus. This cathartic experience will be elevated even further if you so happen to be wearing your You Gotta Let It Go sweatshirt.

6. Dance it out.

We all love a good dance party. Plus, movement releases all the bad energy from your body, which we love. Shake it out like nobody’s watching! We promise you’ll feel better.

7. Drink water.

If we all drank a little more water, we would thrive. But for reals, next time you’re feeling out of sorts, drink a few sips of water. It sounds simple, but it’s good for you.

8. Do something you love.

Do something you love to boost those endorphins and take your mind off things. Read a book. Drink an iced coffee. Take a nap. Hop on the swings. Life doesn’t always have to be so serious. Give yourself permission to enjoy your life! 

Next time you’re feeling a little rage-y, consider using one of these tips to help you let go and move on! If you want to help share this important message with others, snag one of our graphic tees or grab one of our snarky, sassy accessories for a friend to brighten their shit day.