As Seen On: Lisa Taylor @PrintsAndPinots - LETTSGO

As Seen On: Lisa Taylor @PrintsAndPinots

Lisa Taylor (@PrintsAndPinots
Lisa is a fashion queen, so we were so excited to see how she styled our new LETTSGO collection. We asked Lisa a few questions about her favorites and how she lets that sh*t go!
LETTSGO: Lisa, what was it about LETTSGO as a brand that stood out to you?
@PrintsandPinots: "The message speaks for itself!"
LETTSGO: What are some of your favorite ways to Let That Sh*t Go?
@PrintsandPinots: "I have a glass of cold prosecco and put my feet in the sand 😀
*Lisa & LETTSGO have that in common, by the way*
LETTSGO: What is your favorite item from the new collection?
@PrintsandPinots: "The Sweat Pants and [Sweat] Shirt are super soft and cozy. Love that. Also, the Zero Skcuf shirt."